Monday, October 12, 2015

Is this thing still on? Follow cams and Warren Miller...

Ok, I haven't shared anything on here in quite some time. I'm definitely feeling the effects of an aging website platform. Expired photo galleries and the need to liven things up a bit has me thinking it's time for a major upgrade. I've got some ideas to take this show into the future, but that is a battle I'm going to continue to put off for now. So, this is my little slice of the internet for now. Here are a few videos...

^ Last winter wasn't spectacular in Utah. It was better than California though, that's for sure. I wish we could have sent a few storms their way, to keep the spirits up if nothing more. Anyways, It doesn't take much for me these days to have fun in the mountains. We scored some awesome days at home this year with great stability. What more could you ask for other than more of it?

^ Speaking of awesome days at home in Utah, the Warren Miller movie, Chasing Shadows, will premiere this weekend in SLC and continue to play around the world. Look for a screening near you, here: 
Neil and I spent about 5 days filming with these guys around the Wasatch, hitting some of our favorite classics. We also got hit with the best storm of the year that week which made for some really nice conditions. And, they put us up in the Cliff lodge, which kicked ass. It was like a vacation!


  1. It must be so exciting to take a journey. It's time for a major upgrade. I will be looking forward to hearing from you again and again.

  2. You always share the experience you get in your trips. I think that you are very lucky to travel so much. Have a safe journey to you.

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