Sunday, April 5, 2015

Finding new lines in my backyard

When it comes to reaching your fitness goal, steps are just the beginning. Fibit tracks every part of your day - including activity, exercise, food, weight and sleep - to help find your fit, stay motivated and see how small steps make a big difference.

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^heading up "Jim Bridgers Ridge" 10,790 steps

   Meteorological winter is over, and I must say, it was a good one. Depending on where you live, or where you traveled, it was a bit hit or miss. In places like California and Washington, it seems like winter never even happened. I spent the entire season at my home in Utah. If you look at the snow numbers, you can see that we didn't exactly have a spectacular winter here either, but the lack of snow didn't stop us. 

^feasting on some glorious Uinta powder

  With powder hungry skiers and boarders tracking up every nook and cranny of the Wasatch mountains this year, my brother and I looked to the Uintas for our own secret powder stashes. Living at the foot of this lonely and elusive range has allowed us to develop an intimate relationship with the seemingly infinite sprawl of peaks and valleys. This winter we searched for the perfect line. We developed a routine of going out every day in our backyard, putting in a new skin track, and exploring a new zone. 
   I used my Fitbit Surge as a tool to help me get a visual on where we were going, and what was happening with my body on the way there. I've never been big on statistics, but it's been really neat to catalog some stats on the ski tours we've been doing this year. Monitoring my heart rate and pace while on the way up helps me find the right zone for efficiency. But I think the best feature of the Surge for me is being able to log into my account when I get home and see a complete visual of my day. I can see where and when during the tour I was working the hardest and consuming the most calories. By using the GPS function I can map out all of routes we take. 

   Having a catalog of all the tours will be a huge help in the future. If I ever need to remember where to put up the skin track (or where not to) I'll be able to look at my previous routes. 

   Going into the last few months of my ski season, the most important ones, the ones I spend in Alaska, my body is feeling stronger than ever. I credit that to all the days my brother and I spent using our legs to find hidden powder stashes in our backyard. I'm really looking forward to testing out my new levels of fitness in my favorite mountains in the world.



  1. I want to visit a place like this, which is covered full of ice. I know I can't tolerate the cold of that place but still wanna see through my eyes.

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