Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Forgotten Trails of the Uintas

One of the most stimulating adventures I've ever done, right here in my backyard, the Uinta mountains. Alongside my brother Neil and Eric Porter, we used mountain bikes to access 4 different trout streams along the north slope, creating a loop out of dirt roads, game trails, and long forgotten single track, camping along the way. Agonizing stretches of non-existing trail and deadfall, hurdling our bikes and heavy packs over no less than 200 trees, led to some beautiful lengths of uninterrupted and largely unridden single track. At the end of each descent was a trout filled creek. I can't think of much else that makes me happier in life. Fly-fishing, mountain biking, backpacking, getting lost with your friends and exploring new routes, wild, fresh caught fish over the coals with grandmas fish spice? What more?

Check out the video below, and pick up a copy of the December adventure issue of FREEHUB MAGAZINE to read the full story from Porter, and see the photos in print. 


  1. Wow...Beautiful place. I have never seen beauty of nature like this. This place is awesome...I wanna go there with my husband. I hope I do it soon .

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