Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Sunsets in Nicaragua... and waves

   Looking back on my first month long trip to Nicaragua, I have to say, at times it was pretty rough. On day 4,  I was coming out of the water after catching what had been at the time, the best wave of my life, only to get attacked by a sting ray. 4 more steps and I would have made it safely to shore, but no, the prehistoric animal stabbed me through the foot with his razor sharp, bacteria infested barb. At that point the most painful 4 hour experience of my life commenced as the poison pulsed through my leg. I was out for a week and a half, couldn't surf, and I thought my vacation was ruined. Eventually the infection began to dissipate and the gaping hole in my foot started to close up. I was able to get back into the water and surf, finally. More than five weeks later and my foot still hurts, and its still infected.
   Other than the bloody sting ray attack, the waves went flat for a short time. Mostly during the period when I was healing my foot which was ok with me, but still, that usually never happens. In a place known for having the most consistent surf in the world, it was kind of shitty. But for someone like myself who still doesn't know any better, it was awesome. Besides, when the big swells hit I can't surf those waves yet anyhow. 
   And then there was the fishing. We didn't catch a single fish on the fly on our trip. It was a huge let down. I went to Nica thinking we were just going to kill it! The locals said we were bad luck, but I think that someone told the fish that the Provo bros were coming and they all fled. But seriously, even the locals were catching jack shit. Even the seafood restaurants on the beaches of the pacific, at times had zero fresh fish to serve. Unseasonably cold water and relentless offshore winds were really to blame for our poor showing. But it was not for a lack of trying. We still cruised the beaches looking for Rooster fish, casted off the rocks hoping to lure in a big Cubera snapper, and headed to blue water in hopes of finding sail fish and Dorado on a bait ball. I will still bring my fishing gear every time I visit, because I know there is good fishing to be had in Nicaragua, it may just take a little time to discover. 

Here are some images from the Playa Santana area:

(click on the images for larger viewing)
Popoyo outer-reef on July 5th. Barreling 

At this point we figured we weren't going to be catching shit. But, you gotta get your bait in the water if you want to have even the slightest chance. As long as the wind was calm, it was a beautiful place to cast a fly rod

Toña tour of Grenada

15th century colonial architecture in Grenada

every night was a different sunset 

my incredibly sexy girlfriend

my older brother Justin showing us how its done

finding a moment for myself

tidal pools reflecting color at Playa Santana

Land of the lefts, land of the volcanoes, land of the offshore wind, etc etc.. Sunset land?

the end of another epic session with my bros

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