Saturday, February 16, 2013

Temple Basin, NZ

Here's a few iphone shots from my trip to Temple Basin this past summer with a crew from Armada Skis. This little club field in the middle of the Southern Alps had some of the sickest terrain I've ever seen accessed by rope tows. Its truly a one of a kind ski experience.

The little nutcracker style rope tows will only bring you so far at Temple Basin. At which point, boot packing straight up to the ridge opens up a massive amount of big terrain. Unlimited potential...

This was the second time i've been able to ski with one of my idols, JP Auclair. The first time was down in Chile about 3 years ago and we had a pretty solid adventure skiing a big couloir. He loves going for the big glory lines.

this was the biggest line of the trip for us, off the top of Phipps peak down some fun ramps and spines. 

Todd Windle and JP Auclair booting up the south face of Phipps. It was pretty exposed, but with the stable conditions it was a lot of fun and the skiing was really good and steep. New Zealand totally blew my mind, the skiing, the fishing, the mountains, it was all unreal.

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  1. Very, very good photos. I especially love nr 3; Beautiful texture, contrast, composition.