Sunday, June 3, 2012

Pesca en México

After the most intense 3 months of my life, a real vacation seemed appropriate. While roasting away in my camper in Southeast Alaska, an email came in from a friend asking if I wanted to join him in Mexico the following month for some surfing. At the time, it sounded to good to be true. Next thing I know I've got my brothers and my Mom along for the trip, and what do you know, its her 60th birthday! perfect timing...

^ It took my brother Neil and I a few days to adjust to the immense luxury of the Four Seasons Resort in Punta Mita. After a two month ski bumming marathon, living like true dirt bags, it was a shock to find ourselves living this plush lifestyle. Nobody complained. I'm so happy that my mom was able to come along and experience this place with her three boys. ^ this was supposed to be a surf trip, but after a few google searches I was packing my fly-gear along too. ^ fly fishing from the surf was a new experience for us. While we never linked up with the fabled Rooster fish that Mexican surf fishing can be famous for, we had fun searching. We did manage to catch baby Jack Crevalle, Surgeon fish, leopard Grouper, and missed a few monster needle fish.
^ Unfortunately the surf was kind of bunk. But it gave me a chance to learn how to stand up paddle surf. ^rolling to the surf break ^although the waves were small, we were still able to appreciate the potential. I wish it didn't take me so long to discover Mexico, but now that I've been exposed, I'm positive I will go back.



  1. a well deserved vacation i'm sure

  2. What kind of pack is that sling backpack? Waterproof?

  3. thats the Safe Passage sling pack from orvis ( Its not waterproof, but they do make one that is.