Sunday, December 18, 2011

A brand new arsenal of powder skis from Armada sits in a state of neglect. Right now, I'm equipped for a style of skiing that is nothing more than a constant dream at this point. What I need are some cross country skis or even some park skis, but this is Utah, land of the deep, what the hell am I talking about?

This dependence on natural forces is found in only a few other "sports", surfing obviously being one of them. It's the same type of anxiety that the surfers on the north shore experience when the big winter swells fail to arrive (which is obviously not the case this winter, check THIS tube). These lifestyles can be emotional roller coasters, but overall teach patience, understanding, and respect for the earth. A new level of appreciation for the best days ever is reached when it all seems so far away. This year my patience is certainly being tested, as we all wait for the big winter swells to hit the north shore of skiing, the Wasatch Range. And while I'm at it, Keep the Country Country!

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  1. Bummer.. Please keep us updated on the Wasatch Range conditions. Flying over from Norway in February, and hopefully things have improved by then.

    Btw, is that the TST, JJ and Bubba above (L-R)? Shout out when you've put the Bubbas to the test. The dimensions and shape look very promising, might have to look into those when they arrive..

  2. Come up to the PNW we got snow finally!

  3. @Kim, Im sure things will have improved by february. You are right about the skis. I am bringing the Bubbas up to BC next week where the snow is deep, perfect for them, I'll let you know how they ride. Armada released 100 pairs through a mid season release, you can find them in a few places.