Saturday, April 16, 2011

Back in Utah...

Well, after spending nearly 60 days in the Interior of British Columbia, it sure feels nice to be home. Ideally, I would spend the rest of my life in some shack in the heart of the Selkirk mountains, but the reality is, I am not quite there in life to make that happen. For now, Utah is my home. Its where I learned everything I know about the mountains. Most importantly, its where my family is.

Im very lucky to have parents that support my dreams and everything I do. Im not sure where I would be in life if not for the opportunities and encouragement from my mom and pop. Eternal thanks to my creators!

Every spring, I like to bring my pop out on the snowmobile for a little taste of what his boys get up to for 8 months of the year. All of the stories and photos we share are great, but nothing is as sweet as getting out there and experiencing the mountains for yourself. He's not entirely comfortable on the snowmobile, so it provides a great oppurtunity to scare the shit out of him for a brief moment!

^This was my pops first time seeing his beloved Uintas under a deep blanket of snow

^Neil and Pop shredding pow together

^ classic view looking west from bald mountain pass

^ typical uinta snow conditions : fast, chalky, windboard powder. With the uintas looking as fat as I have ever seen them, the spring/summer ski mountaineering should be fantastic. Neil and I are starting to line up some sweet objectives in our backyard.

^ The old man preferred to open er up a bit while neil enjoys farming

Like father, like Son!

In the next week or so, after I wade through close to 800 gigabytes of files, I'll do a post from some of the highlights of our trip to British Columbia. Neil and I co-directed a ski movie, skied powder every single day, and were almost consumed by a massive class 4 avalanche. Best time of our lives!


  1. an,

    I've been following your blog for quite some time now. It has always inspired me to go to Utah. Although being born and raised in the south oft the Austrian alps I've been living in New Orleans over the past 10 months where everything is flat. I'm missing my mountains. Can't wait go back them and shred them next season.

    Maybe some time I make my way to Utah.

    cheers mate!

  2. you gotta check out Utah someday! its much better in real life!

    stoked you're enjoying my blog.