Wednesday, April 27, 2011

4X4 or Chains required!

Thats what the sign read at the bottom of little cottonwood canyon. The local sheriff was busy NOT enforcing the restrictions, so the road was choked up with knuckleheads fishtailing up the road on their summer tires. After narrowly averting multiple barney's, we were finally turned around at the climax of stupidity, about half way up the canyon. No big deal however, its the end of April and the powder continues to be epic. There's another canyon thats a bit less busy...

After a day of howling winds and rivers of graupel, the clouds gave way to the sun.

Neil eyes the classic, 3000' big cottonwood funnel, known as Argenta.

Ty finds waist deep conditions off the headwall.

The new snow was touchy, and cohesive soft slabs would wrinkle with good energy and tension.

the record breaking winter continues....


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