Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Chile: La Cultura

The last part of my photo update from Chile is focused around the culture. In between sessions up in the mountains, I had plenty of time to explore the cities of Santiago and Valparaiso which is a crucial seaport town on the coast. The cities are dominated by vibrant colors, detailed architecture, and street vendors selling everything from roasted nuts to local goods. I really enjoyed this part of the trip as it allowed me to relax and really take in the sights and sounds. Between surf sessions and futbol matches, I walked around the cities with my point and shoot to capture the local scene....


  1. Sick Photos Ian, colors and contrast are on point.

  2. Way sick photos. I especially like the shots of the graffiti. Looks like some sick graffiti artists. Nice shots Ian!

  3. Great work, man. Some fantastic stuff from off the mountain. You've got an awesome eye for your surroundings.