Wednesday, August 18, 2010

postcard home....

Im 4 weeks into a 6 week trip to south America. I've seen many amazing places and experienced lots of great culture. I have lots of great photographs and videos as well as stories to tell, but I'll have to wait till I return home to share those. Time is of the essence. I wanted to send home a postcard that I made. These are but a few of the most amazing sunsets I have ever seen.....

Next week I will be heading on a solo fly-fishing trip to hunt for massive golden dorado in the "yungas" of northern Argentina. Stay tuned for what will surely be an epic.


  1. Great shots, as usual. Did you make it out to Cordoba? I am curious if there are any new hand-held skiing videos. I just got a new camera and am hunting for a wide angle lens, inspired by your powder mtn videos :)

  2. Great shots! I'll be down there in a week. Thanks for making me even hungrier for the sunsets, the people, the food, and the pow!

  3. glad you liked the shots. Chile is an inspiring place! I should have some pretty sweet videos put together sometime soon.

  4. spent a week down in Valle look at that stoked you boys got that one...nice work...a real gem.