Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Green River

^ The Soundtrack

The Green is a classic. The main attraction, behind flaming gorge dam in north eastern Utah, is the "A" section. This portion of the river runs gin clear as it courses its way through towering red rock cliffs. The scenery alone will keep me coming back for decades to come. But really, its the trout that brings me back everytime, 2000 fish per mile to be exact. The Green is no secret though. Its a world class river that receives an enormous amount of pressure from fishermen, particularly in the summer. That means the fish are smarter than a 5th grader, which is saying a lot for a fish. It can be pretty frustrating watching a large brown trout come up to your fly and inspect it thoroughly, then deny it and give you the finger as it returns to its spot. Instead of throwing huge terrestrial flies with lots of sparkle and flare as most people do, my brother and I typically fish with small beetles and ants. The fish don't seem to scrutinize those flies as much.

^ This ponderosa pine was growing straight out of the rock, and doing quite well for itself.

^ The A section of the river is literally green, and plumb full of big trout.

^ Our dog loves floating the green as much as we do. Being a mastiff, his bones are heavy and dense which is why he runs a life jacket, otherwise he would eventually sink to the bottom. Mastiffs arn't supposed to be swimmers, but don't tell that to dutch, he kills it!


  1. So sick. Love that last shot. Always love reading your adventures. Righteous.