Friday, March 12, 2010

Hypodermic Needle

Yesterday was a good day. I had a chance to hit one of the best lines in the wasatch. Its known as the hypodermic needle. Everything but the approach is appealing. The top 1200 feet is a 50 degree couloir thats just wide enough to make some hop turns. Then, it empties out into a massive apron to finish off the run with endless powder turns.

I was stoked to get a call from my buddy Jim, asking if I wanted to ski something big and steep. Naturally, I was down. After all, I love skiing things that are big and steep. We rallied at sunrise and made our way into little cottonwood canyon.

^ Sunlight hits the peaks on the south face of little cottonwood canyon

^ The objective as seen from the trailhead. A long way to travel

^The impressive Pfeifferhorn comes into view as we continue up the mountain.

^ A great view of the south faces of little cottonwood canyon. Lots of sick runs over there. Folks were getting after it.

^ After climbing thousands of feet over the course of a few hours, we finally got a clean look at the objective. The needle is the prominent chute on the right. Still, a long way to travel.

^ during the final push to the summit, some fast moving clouds moved in. During a break in the clouds, the Pfeifferhorn appeared and the NW couloir was visible.

^ Jim drops into the needle. The conditions were as good as they get.

^ Looking back to the top after a successful descent. In the foreground is a crooked old tree that has survived many large avalanches.

Here is a helmet camera clip from the decsent: