Thursday, February 11, 2010

Wasatch Steeps....

Over the last week, my brother and I have been working our way into some steep terrain. Most knowledgeable backcountry folks would probably advise against some of our terrain choices. All you need to do is look at the accident page on the utah avalanche centers website to get an idea of what its been like around here for the last month. It's been a bit scary to say the least.

The fact is, riding steep lines in the backcountry is never really that safe. The best thing you can do is gain as much knowledge as possible, then try and make decisions about terrain choices based on the real time information that you gathered. Sometimes its good to go, other times its best to step back.

We were able to ride steep, exposed, north facing lines without any avalanches, instabilities, or accidents. Were we lucky or smart? Probably a little bit of both.

^ A beautiful couloir descending from the clouds

^ Gotta get up to get down! Neil puts in the boot pack.

^ we rode this couloir in epic powder conditions. It was absolutely glorious.

^ Here, Neil warms up on some steep mini golf lines in the Brighton backcountry.

^ Forrest Shearer handles this type of exposure like a champ. Forrest is a great guy that loves to charge! He is one of the few riders representing the newly announced Jones Snowboards

^ Wiley Miller is also a great guy who loves to charge. Here he puts in a bold line down Mt.Tuscarora.

^ Neil Provo and Forrest Shearer hiking to the goods.

^ Gazing down into Wolverine Cirque where the goods are rather steep.

^ Here, Forrest makes a critical turn as he works through the crux

^ A closer look reveals all kinds of shark fins (aka "rocks") looming beneath the surface.

^ Where's Neil? Right there at the top of some serious shit. A fall up high was not an option

^ Neil rode this extremely steep line clean and fast. way to go neil!


  1. Damn Ian....


  2. In like '94/'95ish I think I watched Matt "Ox" Malloley get taken down in an avy right where Forrest dropped in on his line in Wolverine. So scary. That big fucker got carried all the way down to the apron, rode out of the debris pile with a broken arm and sat on some rocks waiting for us to get down to him. It was pretty tense, but everybody was essentially ok.


  3. Pouch,

    that place is the real deal. Im glad no one triggered any slabs up high. getting raked through that exposure would not be good.

  4. Great pictures and story as always. Pretty stoked for the video footage of your BC trip you said you were working on. Keep shreddin man and living the dream. Maybe one day I will have my own westward exodus from CT. But anyways, keep doing what your doing.

  5. Never cease to amaze me..... those Provo's.

  6. If we take up a collection, can you guys be paid not to ski/ride these lines right now? :) I'd hate to meet you in person for the first time at a funeral.