Sunday, January 10, 2010

Retallack Lodge, BC

Just a quick little update from Retallack Lodge. I made the drive from Utah to the interior British Columbia a few days ago. This is my first time in this area of BC and all I can say is DAMN! Why have I not been here before? Anyways, Im up here doing some work for ARMADA. Well actually im not working at all, because skiing Kooteney blower is not exactly what I call work. Here are a few photos I took from today. Lots of cool stuff coming soon and a more in depth look into what its like at one of the greatest Cat skiing operations in the world, RETALLACK! fucken A rights

blasting through the pow

The trees up here are nice and big if you know what I mean

2500' Vertical of Pillow popping heaven. seriously, its awesome.


  1. SIIIIICK IAN!!!! Killing it bro those photos are EPIC!

  2. That is some mad pow! Nicely done man! x

  3. Which skis are those...Sick!

  4. thanks dudes.

    michael, those skis are the Armada JJ's.

  5. BUDDY!
    Sick photos.
    I am so stoked for you to be up in the righteous zone!
    And I know what ya mean... the trees up there are nice and big, green as can be too.
    Keep troding the positive path breddren.