Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Summer Shredding

As a way of saying farewell to the winter, and hello to summer, we decided one last trip up to the snow was in order. I decided to run a splitboard on this trip for a few reasons. The first one being we had to do alot of mixed snow and dry land hiking so I wanted to simplify things and bring just the snowboard boots. That was a good call. I also wanted to try snowboarding on some fresh corn snow, because I heard it was dope. This trip marked my first ever snowboard descent. It turned out I was in over my head, my snowboarding skills were not sufficient for the exposed big mountain terrain. Maybe with some practice next winter I can step up to some bigger lines on the snowboard. Overall it was a successful trip into the corner of the wilderness.

When we got to the top of the ridge we were greeted by the couloir. It became clear that it had been snowing up there (11,800') and there were definitely some avalanche hazards to deal with. I was pretty gripped considering I had a heavy pack and it was literally my first ever legit snowboard descent. I made it down pretty good though. We set up camp and napped through a blizzard.

Neil, batching up a meager dinner. The dry patch for our tent was a plus.

stoked on the light

sun down

sun up

My first couloir on a snowboard! Not bad I thought, definitely pretty aesthetic with the cliff walls. I was lucky I did not tumble down it.

choice spot for a nap while we wait for the snow to warm up a bit.

lots of snow up there for all the peoplez and the fisheeez. Time to hang up the sticks for a few months.


  1. Glad to see you've finally seen the light... :P

    Shoulda made Neil do the line on skis. :)

    Nice way to wrap up the season. Have a good summer.

  2. haha! thats funny. Neil said he wouldn't have done that line on skis!